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About Our
Party Calculator

Plan your next event using Party Liquor's Party Calculator. Our calculator is easy to use and very flexible. Unlike other calculators available on the web, you can define the types of drinks you serve, the average number of drinks per person, how many drinks you will serve, the serving size and how much to buy based on the bottle or keg size beverages are sold in.

We are the largest retailer of kegs in Tampa Bay. We offer super discounts on many brands of whiskey, beer, cigars and wine. Our selection is sure to exceed any party planners expectations. Vist one of our three beer, cigars, liquor and wine stores. We are conveniently located in Seminole Heights, USF(University of South Florida) Area and our new store in Land O' Lakes! We're the ultimate stop before any Lightning, Rays, Bulls. Bucs or USF tailgate party!

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